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Temple of the Way of Light

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on August 11, 2018. #1 of 86 Reviews

Every so often you experience something that saves your life. The Temple was that for me. I was there for the 23 day retreat from June 15 to July 7.

I had expected that the Ayahuasca would be my main reason for going — but when I came out, I realized how much I had relied on the facilitators and the community to help me articulate what I was going through and give it the kind of shape that would let me integrate what I was experiencing.

I felt extraordinarily cared for. When I was going through a difficult time, the facilitators brought me food and drink and sat with me in my room. They checked up on us. The classes throughout our stay served to enrich and enable a whole-body experience.

The Temple’s resources, from books to food to classes, made for an incredible stay in the Amazon. If you’re considering this path to healing — and I can’t recommend it highly enough — go to the Temple and don’t look back.

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