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Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on April 5, 2017. #1 of 39 Reviews

My husband and I have been on 6 ayahuasca tours together with Blue Morpho – the most recent in July 2016 – and we highly recommend them!! Aya is such a strong plant medicine that you are truly putting your physical, mental, and spiritual safety in the hands of the people leading your ceremonies. That’s one reason why we always return to Blue Morpho – you are totally taken care of on every level. We also return because we love the people, the medicine space, and the absolutely life changing, expansive, empowering experience of connecting with our Higher Selves.

Ceremonies are an amazing mixture of traditional and western shamanism. They are always set up as a space of love. Two local shamans, Maestro Alberto and his son, partner with Western shamans and apprentices. There is also a staff of Western volunteers and Peruvian ceremony assistants who check in on you during ceremony, help you walk to the bathroom, get you a clean bucket if you’ve vomited. Ayahuasca can be quite scary, since you are giving up control completely, so knowing you have support in ceremony is wonderful. There are female staff, which is something I appreciate as a woman. They add a gentle feminine energy & perspective to the space. All of the staff and volunteers are open, loving, nonjudgmental people who are as dedicated to your transformation as they are to their own.

On the Monday of each tour, all of the participants make ayahuasca together – under the guidance of Don Alberto – pounding the ayahuasca vine and adding chacuna leaves. The team explains how these two plants work together, as well as several tree barks and roots that Don Alberto uses to bring additional healing properties to the brew.

Outside ceremony, you are free to spend as much time alone as you like. If you want to discuss your experience, the Western staff is always available. Another plus is that the other participants are a diverse group of people from all over the world. The participants and staff provide a lot of support during and after the tour, and have become very close friends.

Taking ayahuasca is a huge step toward connecting with who you truly are and getting rid of lots of crap that doesn’t serve you. It’s a beautiful thing – and particularly beautiful with Blue Morpho.

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