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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on September 4, 2019. #1 of 106 Reviews

I attended Nimea Kaya earlier this year in June, 2019 at a whim of faith and referral from someone I trust. It was a few months of preparation and dieta before the day had finally come where I would embark on a journey into the unknown. Upon arriving to the airport, I was greeted with friendly smiles and hugs from the facilitators. The hospitality and friendliness was unexpected and incredibly warming as I think most of us (who were attending for the first time) were probably feeling nervous to some degree.

Once we arrived to Nimea Kaya, everything was incredibly seamless in the way the itinerary had been organized. From heart circles, to integration circles; the facilitators did such an amazing job at co-creating a safe space for all 20 of us to be as stress-free, worry-free, and feeling as safe as possible throughout the 9-day retreat.

Each facilitator brought a unique touch to the overall experience and energy of the place. They spoke and move with grace and so much heart. Integrating and processing the ceremonies is often difficult to our own perceivable mind, let alone trying to intellectualize it into words for others to comprehend. But with each integration circle and activities, there was never a moment where anyone felt judged or misunderstood. It was truly, truly a co-created safe space for all of us.

The conversations I had with others proved that people have had some negative experiences in the past with other retreats around the world–that’s not to scare you, but to insist that research is important. Those who had chosen to come to Nimea Kaya had done the work and had chosen with intention and I can see why.

The foods prepared were made with so much love; each meal nourishing to our mind, body, and spirit. I have never been so taken care of and eaten such delicious food during a trip of sorts. We took a trip out to the Shipibo Village during our stay and I mention this because the moment we got back to Nimea Kaya, everyone felt this huge sense of relief in knowing that the energy of our home was peaceful and safe compared to the short trip outside which speaks a lot about their location overall. It truly felt like home. And I miss it still.

Every time I am asked of a place of recommendation, there is no hesitation. Nimea Kaya. Because to embark on a journey within the depths of oneself, to sit with Ayahuasca (something most of us are unfamiliar with), is a choice of ceremonial surrender and trust. And it’s incredibly important to be able to know that you are 100% protected and safe when in the unknown.

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