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Sapan Inka Retreat Center

Listed in Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Huachuma)

Sacre Valley, Cusco, Perú

Reviewed on November 26, 2017. #1 of 91 Reviews

Having sat in ceremony at one of the larger retreats in the Amazon, I was looking for a different experience my last time. After a lot of research, my daughter and I chose Sapan Inka. We definitely made the right choice. If you’re researching your options, sit here if:

1. Safety is of upmost importance: You want to know that you’re in safe hands during your entire stay.

2. Authenticity: You want someone who has plenty of experience working with aya and has dedicated many years in understanding how to lead ceremony for others.

3. Humility: Erik and Nilda are the real thing. You know it from the way they hold space, they way they nourish you, and their sincere humility. It’s incredibly beautiful.

4. Price: You’re don’t want to support aya tourism and the exorbitant costs that some of the retreat centers are charging.

5. Beauty: You want to be embedded in nature. The land is important to you. Sapan Inka is located in the Sacred Valley. You’re able to leave their sweet home and take gentle strolls during the day. It’s incredibly beautiful there and heart opening.

6. Nourishment: You desire the cleanest food to fuel you during your journey. A lot of it comes directly out of Erik and Nilda’s backyard and is lovingly prepared by Nilda.

7. Processing: All of the ceremonies I’ve attended include a group processing the following day. Sapan Inka is much more personal. The morning after ceremony, Erik sits with you and talks about your journey and your process for about 30 minutes. It’s nice to be able to open up and share in such a safe and private setting.

8. People: The groups are small. Mine had five. There’s a feeling that each of us were called to create the container we did during the time we were there.

9. Gut feeling: Ultimately, the decision is yours. You’ll read many reviews and have plenty of options. Go with your gut. I’m glad I did.

Safe journeys, and thanks for doing the work. 🙂

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