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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on June 21, 2018. #1 of 56 Reviews

To get my opinion out of the way, I could not recommend this retreat centre enough to anyone. I can guarantee you that it will be a powerful and positive experience which you will take for the rest of your life.
Pisatahua is located in the Aquicuana reserve near the town Riberalta in the Amazonian region of Bolivia. One of the things i liked the most of this is that there was near none signs of tourism. Definitely worth the trip here and I recommend taking some time exploring this region as well. If your spanish isn’t the best, well dont worry! The wonderful team at Pisatahua will take you in and give you all the help you can possibly get.
The retreat it self is located in the jungle right next to a beautiful lake. You will find yourself laying on a hammock in your comfortable cabin looking out to the amazing view quite a lot!
Everyone involved in Pisatahua is very genuine and always looking after your needs. Enjoy your surroundings and participate in all the hikes, cannoe rides, yoga/tai chi as this will help connect you to the land in turn heightening the effects of the medicine.
As for the shamans (they don’t actually like being called by this term, instead call them maestro or doctor) Don Rene and Don Marcial, they are very intelligent, wise and professional in the work they will do for you. They are both well respected members of their communities and have knowledge us common folk cannot even comprehend. With decades of experience working in their communities with knowledge being past down through generations, they now will take care of you in Pisatahua – the first retreat centre in Riberalta. I feel like I received genuine and traditional treatment and I would only want to do it this way. I’ve heard horror stories of “shamans” and it saddens me that others have not had an experience like i’ve had.

I could honestly talk forever about all the good things about Pisatahua but I must cut my self short and just say, if you’re looking for a life changing experience which will clean your mind, body and spirit? then stop wasting your time thinking about it, get your self down to Pisatahua!!

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