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Eagle Condor Alliance – Colombia

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Reviewed on October 5, 2016. #1 of 110 Reviews

Wow;is the 1st word who come to my mind when i think of my trip to ECA.
I went to this retreat because of the easy access for someone who travel alone and dont speak much spanish. It look serious and they even request a skype interview,so i felt more safe to go by myself.

They pick me up at my hotel and from that moment they took care of everything.
Their set up in Santa Elena is just perfect,i could not expect more than that,the view on Medellin,being on top of the mountains like this,its the best.The lodging was awesome; a nice place ,great view and and good place for your down time when you need to recover from the ceremonies.Its important to have a certain level of comfort to make your experience more enjoyable ,because you gonna have some intense experiences and you will feel tired after a night with the healers.

The people were just amazing,what a nice group of dedicated people,the level of work,knowledge and passion those guys pull out is just incredible.Hans,Jesse and Bobby are the perfect team to introduce you to the ancient medicines from the amazon.They have such a respect and knowledge of the plant medicine ,they are so calm, so serious and humble ; you will feel relax and in good hands,always there to help you in any times of the day or the trip.The food was incredible and prepared by a chef in the house several times a day,the best fresh fruit and soup i ever had.The house is cozy with many spots to read or share our experience. Always a fire burning and something to be grateful for..

The healers were very experienced and you can feel an infinite wisdom coming from those guys,they can read you after 2 seconds of eye contact. The traditions they share with us is priceless,Greason and Gonzalo have dedicated their life to keep those traditions alive and we are so fortunate to be a witness of those sacred ceremonies.

When all those guys joined to give birth to the Eagle Condor Alliance they went trough the usual trial and error period,but with the experience of the healers they have figured out the best formula, take it down to a science. Tobacco ceremony,herbal bath,cleansing purge,San Pedro ceremony,sweat lodge and ayahuasca ceremonies are all balance and place in perfect order to get the best out it. Just get on the plane and faith, i am telling you,those guys know what they are doing and trust the process and trust the wisdom of the healers,its a privilege to meet those mens (and women).If you are serious about going to an ayahuasca retreat and you dont want to wait for your friends to go with you,well;just do it;by yourself like an adult,no more excuses,you will happy than you did.

This is not my last experience with the medicine thats for sure and i am very happy than i went to the Eagle Condor Alliance for my first time,they took all the headaches away so i could enjoy my time in Colombia.

thank you SO MUCH guys
its was awesome

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