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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on October 5, 2019. #1 of 57 Reviews

I participated in the 10 day plant medicine workshop at Pisatahua about one month ago. I am still learning from it. There is so much to say but I’ll get right to the point: this is an amazing setting to honor the amazon and the plant medicine, to engage with the lessons and healing it can offer. If you’re feeling called, I highly recommend choosing Pisatahua for your experience with Ayahuasca. The facilitators Erik and Sasha clearly have been positively influenced by the medicine, and want to open this door to others, and in a way that RESPECTS AND HONORS THE MEDICINE and where it comes from. That is so important. And I’m becoming aware that it is not super common, sadly! You aren’t just “taking a strong drug”…the context, the ceremony matters, and my experience and that of the people who i met there (from all over the world) was really powerful. Every day since leaving, I have felt the medicine and the experience at Pisatahua influencing my days—-nudging me towards gratitude, towards connection with the earth. I hope that if you’re considering this, you’ll read their website, sit for a few minutes with your eyes closed, connect with your heart, and it will guide you to where you need to go. I should also say, having participated in multiple retreats, this is a bargain!!! For what they are offering, and the excellent lodging accommodations, I don’t imagine they’ll be offering these incredible workshops at this low price for too much longer. The curandera while i was there was Wara, and i can’t even begin to say how special it was to have her as a guide. Her presence, her honesty, the way she clearly cares about each of us and our healing , is something i will always treasure. She is an amazing guide on a journey that is with a medicine that is full of love, but (as no doubt you’ve researched and heard) can be brutal in showing you what you need to be shown. Wara puts that all in Context and helps with integration.

Eagle Condor Alliance – Colombia

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Reviewed on June 25, 2019. #1 of 109 Reviews

I am so grateful to have heard about ECA from a friend; after a phone call with jesse, i decided to go for it, even if a little nervous. On the other side of it now, i can only say to anyone considering this-do it. You won’t be sorry. I was impressed from start to finish; i camped (others stayed in rooms in the cool buildings on the property) and the ten days were full of epiphany, healing, and discovery of who i am and what’s important in life. I recommend this highly, and wish you the best.

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