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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on January 11, 2019. #1 of 107 Reviews

Truly a transformative experience!!

I have now participated twice in a 9 day ayahuasca retreat at Nimea Kaya, the first being in December 2016 and the second in March 2018. At the time of the first retreat I attended in 2016, I had been dealing with a subtle yet persistent and worsening depression for what seems like the most part of my life. After the 4 ayahuasca ceremonies it’s like a veil had been lifted over the feelings simmering inside of me I had been feeling. It gave me a better understanding of some ways i had fooled myself into creating some of my own miseries and also helped me find a different and clearer perspective on my life and the world.

Wouldn’t it be great if I said it was as easy as just drinking the ayahuasca brew and all the answers will come to you? Unfortunately it’s not all that easy, and that’s where Nimea Kaya truly shines in my opinion by offering a setting that is prone for in depth healing, a great sense of security and support from staff and other guests, food is healthy and straight up amazing, great activities such as meditations and yoga sessions, a bunch of space to be alone and reflect or chill with others and share. Overall, the entire 9 day retreat feels like one big ceremony of in depth healing and self exploration and on both occasions all of my peers with who i had participated in the retreat had nothing but positive and loving words about Nimea Kaya including 4 family members who have attended on separate occasions.

To say that Nimea Kaya is a sacred and a magical place is in my opinion no exaggeration but i realize that might be slightly subjective to my own experience. None the less, I recommend without the shadow of a doubt Nemea kaya to all and anybody who is interested in experiencing an ayahuasca retreat.

In all case, which ever retreat you decide to attend make sure to research and know what you are getting into.

Joe Lafrance
23 yr old Canadian man

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