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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on June 20, 2018. #1 of 56 Reviews

Pisatahua Ecolodge is probably the most peaceful place I have ever had the enjoyment of visiting. Erik and his wife Sasha were incredibly helpful even before I got to the retreat. They helped me arrange flights and advised me (very wisely) not to get the bus to Riberalta. I was greeted at the airport and from that moment on was made to feel incredibly welcome, safe and cared for. They truly have built this from the ground up and their care and passion for what they do is moving. The facilities are fantastic with comfortable two person huts that have bathrooms and running water. They also have a fantastic view out onto the lake and at night you feel completely immersed in the jungle itself. While I was there we were lucky enough to find a wild Jaguar footprint on the path not 10 metres from our hut. Amazing to think that while we were sleeping an animal like that was walking around outside. The ceremonies themselves were very authentic using local shamans who had been taught the skill by their fathers. The Maloca (giant hut where the ceremonies take place) is a sight to behold in itself. It has similar presence as that of a church or cathedral. With its 360 degree windows and it’s giant roof it is perfect space to take the plant medicine. The volunteers and staff were particularly kind, considerate and helpful and were on hand throughout the entire undertaking of the medicine. The special menu that was created was simple but delicious. This retreat is not to be missed. I walked away with a life changing experience in a part of the world that still feels it has been untouched by man. You will not regret choosing to go with Pisatahua.

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