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Arkana Spiritual Center

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+1 480-993-2240

Iquitos and Sacred Valley in Peru

Reviewed on June 3, 2017. #1 of 373 Reviews

This was without a doubt the most amazing, lifechanging, and spiritually awakening trip of my life. I completed the 7 day Amazon Ayahuasca Retreat from the 13th thru the 19th of May, 2017. The facilitators; Craig, Dolan, Val, Tatiana, Samara, and Susha were phenomenal from the beginning to end. I came into this experience with no expectations other than knowing that I was damaged from parts of my life and just wanted to be happy and back to my old happy self again. The medicine exceeded all my expectations more than anything I could have possibly imagined. I haven’t stopped smiling since I left the retreat. I’m happy and refreshed and I have the center to thank for this. As a veteran, I would strongly recommend this retreat to all my brothers and sisters across the globe that are suffering with anything that you can’t seem to shake by yourself. Dolan (Prior service Marine) was with me every step of the way and really was my life line during a couple of the ceremony’s. Dolan, I appreciate the hell out of your brother. All in all, I will make it my purpose to visit the center once a year for the foreseeable future. The site is amazing and the Q&A is very informative and covers everything. If by some chance you know of a repellant that stops the biting flies, please pass that information to the forefront (haha).

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