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Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center

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Via a Llayzhatan Bajo, Ecuador

Reviewed on March 15, 2020. #1 of 239 Reviews

One of the things that most helped me decide on Gaia Sagrada, came from these reviews, in addition to their low costs (lowest I’ve seen anywhere for the amount of ceremonies – and half of others with the same amount of ceremonies).

I was a bit nervous at first, since i couldn’t see many good pictures of the grounds on their website, yet i just now found a ton here! https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g294309-d6160601-Reviews-Gaia_Sagrada_Eco_Lodge_Retreat_Center-Cuenca_Azuay_Province.html
My point though, was I was blown away when I arrived! Truly, truly a very beautiful and fully built place! Incredibly comfortable and also very in tune with nature.

In any case, the place is absolutely amazing, gorgeous mountains and scenery, ample space and facility, a huge amount of room to hike around, and incredibly, incredibly kind and friendly staff.

I was there just for the 6 days, but you truly connect very deeply with those around you during that time.
I’d recommend doing the 7 or 12 day, as these both include the Sweat Lodge, which was verrrryy highly talked about from those who were in that ceremony!

The shamans were all incredibly kind, and the entire place had a very open, non-judgemental, caring attitude about it.
It’s only been a few weeks for me since I’ve returned, but the changes are incredible.. helping me completely clear issues i’ve struggled with for about 10-15 years..
Others’ stories are similar, in many cases folks who struggled for 40-50 years and so on, and able to let go or address deep personal issues in the few days there.
By the halfway mark of the retreat, everyone had experienced enlightening or very heart-opening ceremonies, that I’m sure will continue to impact them as time goes on.

The age group was also quite varied, so don’t feel nervous if you think you may be alone, we had a number of folks all representative of ages from early 20s to 70s, same with genders.
All gender identifications/sexualities etc are all incredibly welcome just as everyone else.

You’ll absolutely make no mistake in attending here 🙂

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