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El Triunfo, peru

Reviewed on August 4, 2018. #1 of 33 Reviews

I have recently returned to Australia after being in the beautiful Peru for 5 life-changing weeks. My partner and I’s main course while over there was to visit the DAS Centre for a 10 day Ayahuasca Retreat which included 5 Ayahuasca Ceremonies and many other treats such as daily flower baths, medicinal plant talks,knowledge on how to make an Ayahuasca brew and even a hand made steam room that was made in front of our eyes!

I cannot speak more highly of this magical place. As soon as I arrived I was blown away by the utter beauty and tranquility of the establishment, which was covered in the most exquisite wooden Tambo’s for us to sleep in, a lovely large wooden Tambo which included the dining area, relaxation area and even a cute little library and also included the most extraordinarily enchanting Maloca for our ceremonies. Surrounded by the jungle and accompanied by the most gorgeous stream to bathe in, this really exceeded my expectations from the get go and I immediately felt at home.

I cannot speak more highly of the staff who constantly went out of their way to make sure that we were comfortable, even in messy or difficult circumstances in or out of ceremony. The food prepared for us was utterly delicious dieta meals that were made with A LOT of love and really helped to soothe our bodies which were going through such dramatic changes and cleanses during our time there.
I was very grateful for the amount of down-time that we were able to have. The ceremonies can be very full on and confusing at first, so it was very important for me to have enough time to integrate and allow my body time to rest before the next adventure with Mother Aya.

And to Percy, what an extraordinarily powerful, gentle, kind-hearted soul.Percy was incredible throughout our time there, he truly inspired me in more ways than one, he showed me what true kindness and true purity of the soul looks like. He went out of his way to make sure that we were comfortable, and made sure that any questions were answered as much as possible, he answered some very challenging questions of ours with much clarity and understanding of the plant spirits. During our time at the centre, a few people became sick due to the powerful medicine (which is very normal, a part of the journey) or due to travelling, Percy went above and beyond to attend to these people with a lot of love and made them special healing teas and whatever else they needed to assure them a gentle and safe recovery.

During the ceremonies, Percy held the space in such an impressive, inspiring way. I’ve never been in the presence of such a strong, powerful soul and yet so gentle and loving, and the way he kept the Maloca safe, and invited in the spirits of the jungle was so amazing. I could really feel Mother Ayahuasca’s deep connection and love for Percy throughout the ceremonies as her presence was very clearly felt as he invited her in with his beautiful Icaros. After ceremony you would find Percy lovingly walking around the gardens continuing his connection and conversation with the spirits around him, it was truly magical and lovely to watch and always brought a smile to my face.

I highly recommend this beautiful retreat centre to anyone and everyone, whether its your first time or one of many. I am filled with utter love from my experiences there and plan to go back every year and I look forward to it deeply.

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