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Temple of the Way of Light

Listed in Ayahuasca

Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on October 22, 2019. #1 of 93 Reviews

I have been to the Temple two times over the last two years. The first time was in November 2017 for a 9 day intensive program. The second time was just this past month for an 11 Day special workshop around Alignment and Calling (ontological inquiry). Each time I have been blown away by the level of care, awareness and intention that the facilitators and healers bring to the retreat. After my first retreat I noticed immense growth in my personal and professional life that completely altered the trajectory I was on. After this recent retreat, I feel like I have gained even more clarity about my life’s calling. I also feel a huge heart opening and this freedom to express my love and gratitude to others without the fears that were holding me back in the past. On top of all of this, the environment they’ve created at the Temple is one that allows for an individual to really connect with oneself and to feel rested, relaxed and clear after only a couple days of being there. The founder Matthew has also done an incredible job of communicating his vision and calling in such a way that I was left feeling deeply being inspired by it. You can see their values, vision and calling are living throughout the organization

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