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Ayahuasca In Ecuador

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904-435-7994 in U.S. or 099 368 8463 in Ecuador

Rio Jurumbaino Macas Ecuador

Reviewed on October 12, 2016. #1 of 41 Reviews

I went to ‘Ayahuasca in Ecuador’ for my first experience with Ayahuasca. I was quite nervous because it was my first time taking Ayahuasca, plus I’d heard time and again that it is imperative that one does it in the presence of an experienced shaman who knows what he is doing and that the right setting is important. How a backpacker like myself can ever be really sure he has found a trustworthy shaman I do not know! But I decided to go with these guys, mainly because I knew there would be a fluent speaker of English working for them who I could communicate with and who could translate for me and the shaman if necessary. Upon arrival at the setting I could immediately see that the setting was great… next to a river, surrounded by tropical forest, a traditional hut with beds, toilet facilities, and a couple of open fires. Hasan, who played the role of fluent English speaker and Spanish translator was very quick to make me feel at ease and very comfortable with the whole thing. The ceremony went so well that I returned for a 2nd one. Thank you Shaman and thanks again Hasan!

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