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Shamanic Vida

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Cusco, Peru

Reviewed on December 30, 2016. #1 of 69 Reviews

I had been to retreats in iquitos and the sacred valley before to drink ayahuasca, The reason I went to shaminc vida this december is I was interested in taking ayahuasca again because i felt my other trips to be lacking the profound change ayahuasca brings that i have heard so much about, but never experienced. Second reason was that i was interested in trying san pedro and have heard from people that it is a good first step to take san pedro and then take ayahuasca. When i got to the airport it was nice they picked me up and brought me straight to the center because my plane was delayed. The place was really humble and defidently a peruvian house in the valley. I was comfortable and at peace, I knew I would be taken care of. the first night we did the cleanse and a small meditation ceremony. Here I tried the strongest rapey I have ever had, it was horribly shocking but good if that makes any sense. It helped me adjust myself to the altitude too. The next day I was a little tired for fasting so for the most part I spent time drinking tea and relaxing, the cleanse did make me dehydrated. in the first ceremony i thought that wow that dosis is not enough for me i have taken ayahuasca before and i was suprised when i started to feel the effects coming on. It was a slow come on and that was good for me, i have had panic attacks before when the ayahuasca was too much. So i feel like i actually had the perfect dose where i learned and remember and did not go into panic at all. i cried liberated my emotions. The icaros were beautiful and I felt safe like i was with my mother and she was caring for me. So then i knew i was in the rigfht place and had made the best decision coming here my second aya ceremony was also cleansing and liberating. What i did not know was how impactful my san pedro would be. This feeling of being connected to the entire world to every blade of grass to every leaf on the trees gave me this divine feeling i have never felt before. I needed this I needeed to know it was all bigger than i could have ever imagined. It was perfect, chrissy even gave me a little to take as a micro dosis on the rest of my south america trip and it was stupendous. I really connected to this entheogen and I think i would like to have more ceremonies with it thrgouhout my life. So my last aya ceremony, I felt so prepared for to meet the mother again and say so long for a long time. And i did, I feel like the teaching that i have i can take with me and use for a long time like chrissy was explaining that once you take the spirit of the plant you can call on it in the meditiations how you want to and that it stays working with you. I think i have now ingested enough of the plants to call them when i need them. It has been so real and so amazing, I would not change my experience for the world. Much love and mahalo!

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