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Estacion Kapitari

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Manacamiri, Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on August 29, 2014. #1 of 47 Reviews

Having spent much time researching my ayahuasca journey, I am delighted that I chose Kapitari as the retreat centre during my time in Peru.

The location is breath taking and is the perfect place for connecting with nature. There are a range of animals living on the grounds to keep you entertained, from parrots and macaws to cats and dogs.

The shaman, Don Lucho, is a true inspiration with all the projects he is working on (which you can see first hand with a tour of his farm). He and his son are fantastic in the ceremonies and have a real presence and power to assist your ayahuasca journeys. Their Icaros are beautiful.

The facilitators for the week, Andy and Gart, did a great job in organising a week full of activities and also provided patience and care for the group as we all went through our own deeply personal experiences with the medicine. If your intention is in the right place you will most likely find yourself with a group of like minded people which is alone, very powerful.

Readers should be in no doubt that Kapitari is a place of the highest integrity. I hope I will return one day.

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