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Parign Hak – Grandma´s Home

Listed in Ayahuasca

Manu Biosphere Reserve

Reviewed on January 15, 2019. #1 of 66 Reviews

I had a very fruitful experience. I came away feeling a strong change in my thinking and empowered to face the challenges of day to day life. We were a small group and we all received lots of attention from Jessica, Vicky, Steve and Alberto. I always felt safe and well taken care of in ceremony.
Outside of ceremony I also had a very meaningful cultural exchange. Being at Pargin Hak and having Vicky, Albert and Steve sharing their cultural traditions and their life stories with us was very enriching. At the end they felt like family and it ended up being an emotional goodbye for everyone.
The final element to put the cherry on top was the natural environment that we were in. Being surrounded by nature and learning about all the amazing relationships between plants and organisms and ourselves that exist and how plants have so much to offer and teach us. I really loved the nature walks, seeing the squirrel monkeys jumping from tree branch to tree branch or watching the various birds the inhabited the area it was really a dynamic experience that filled my spirit on many levels and left me feeling more connected to myself, others and the natural environment.

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