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Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on August 31, 2018. #1 of 120 Reviews

Hi, I just returned from a 14 day visit to Nihue Rao. The typical stay is 10 days with participation in 6 ceremonies. I chose to go for a full 2 weeks and participate in 8 ceremonies. I did a lot of research on a variety of retreat centers and felt very guided to Nihue Rao. I am very grateful for following my guidance. Watching Master Ricardo’s video on Nihue Rao’s website, I quickly connected to his cariño and commitment to assisting people to heal their traumas from life, heal their bodies, minds, and souls, and fill themselves with light and love.

I prepared for my trip, my intentions for healing, and began the suggested dieta2 weeks before my arrival. I feel that both gave me a head start to receiving what I was looking for. Each “pasejero” (guest) has an initial meeting with Ricardo and translator (for those of us speaking English). We went over surgeries, medical background, medication and drug use, mental and emotional histories, etc, etc. From there I was assigned a master plant that I would be taking daily along with the ceremonies and Flower Baths to support my healing journey.

One thing I would say from the outset, if you are looking for a fun experience, be an Ayahuasca tourist, just to try it out, this is NOT the place for you. The community and center are committed to serve and support those committed to their healing process. That is what the shamans, the plant medicines, the food, ceremonies, and all the support staff are committed to…the support of the guests in releasing mental, emotional and physical traumas from their lives, addictions, and disease. I recognized long ago that we all have baggage we’ve been carrying from our life experiences, and this baggage influences choices I made in how I engaged in life and in what direction. I wanted to be free and clear from these influences, so I could make choices that were in my best interests and in alignment for why I am here on this earth at this time, to bring my gifts to the world. I know from personal experience now that Mother Ayahuasca, with the assistance and support of Maestro Ricardo and his team, clears this “stuff” and returns us to the Love and Light we naturally are, the way we entered the world at the beginning of our lives. An important part of the healing/learning process is the “morning after” group conversation with Maestro Ricardo or Benoit. Recapitulation of the highlights of my journey helped me integrate my experience, receive clarification on any issues, and receive any support needed. I found that each of us shared from the depths of our experience and their was no judgement from the other participants. We were all working through our own “stuff”. Powerful

Wagner mindfully and caringly prepared our daily Master Plant dosage prescribed by Ricardo. He also prepared our twice weekly Flower Baths to help clear our energetic bodies. Elocario mindfully spent hours each day in preparation of the Ayahuasca brew. From the chopping of the fire wood and building the fire, to the hammering of the Ayahuasca vine to open it up for boiling, to how he alternated laying the Ayahuasca and then Chacruna leaves until the large pot was full, then pouring water to cover all the material and then begin the hours long boiling process. All in all, it took around 8 hours to boil the liquid down to a thick liquid that would be the medicine for that night’s ceremony.

The kitchen staff caringly prepared our daily meals. The food is very basic: lentils, rice, quinoa, potatoes, 2 kinds of fish (the tastier fish was also the bonier fish, but well worth the slow process of deboning). For breakfast there also was oatmeal and sometimes pancakes and a banana sauce. There were always bananas and apples all times of the day. The simplicity of the diet was to support the cleaning and clearing by Mother Ayahuasca: no salt, sugar, butter, oils, spices. And it was all worth it.

There were also staff that cleaned the ceremonial maloca each day, as well as others that cleaned the bathrooms multiple times a day.

I want to thank Harry and Luis, who came to Nihue Rao for a 4-month period to help facilitate the Pasejeros arrival, navigate the various protocols, as well as in the ceremonies themselves. They were invaluable to me multiple times, and absolutely supported my processes, questions, and requests. Luis was one of the translators and truly connected with what we were expressing and intending in English. I am also grateful for Sergio, another of the facilitators and one of the interpreters, for his support and guidance along my challenging and very rewarding journey. Managing the overall operations and Ricardo’s right-hand person, Benoit guides the flow and tempo of the center. I am grateful to Benoit for some guidance before my last ceremony to complete my intentions from a place of strength, integrity, and an act of power.

Overall, thinking of my experience at Nihue Rao, I am filled with deep gratitude, respect, and Love for the place they hold for those of us courageous enough to visit, to heal, and change our lives to the core. Their integrity and commitment and the medicine lineage runs deep.

Thank you and many Blessings

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