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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on April 6, 2018. #1 of 56 Reviews

Pistatahua is the sixth Ayahuasca retreat center I’ve been fortunate to spend time at, so I believe I’ve had enough experience to write a fair review.

To summarize, the 9-day plant medicine retreat I participated in was excellent in every regard. The location is breathtakingly beautiful, located deep in the Bolivian Amazon and on the shore of a large natural lake surrounded by virgin rainforest. The accommodation I stayed in was exceedingly comfortable and luxurious, with an incredible view, comfortable bed, and private bathroom including a high-pressure shower and flushable toilet. The gourmet food was delicious and among the best I’ve had at any plant medicine or naturopathic retreat center. They also supplemented our meals with delicious and nutritious fresh juices that included carrot, beet, apple, ginger, lemon, celery, cucumber, etc—a very nice addition!

Also, the staff were friendly, approachable, and very supportive of the individual and group healing processes; they really care about you and your experience, and will go the ‘extra mile’ to ensure all your needs are met. Daily we had group sessions of tai chi, pranayama (deep breathing exercises), and meditation, in addition to some discussions regarding the work with plant medicines and integration. The Ayahuasca ceremonies themselves were profound and transformative; the medicine was very strong and effective; and the shamans were professional, attentive, and wise.

I left the center feeling a renewed and deepened awareness and connection to myself, others, and the world. I highly recommend Pisatahua to anyone looking to experience or work with Ayahuasca in a beautiful, comfortable, loving, and supportive environment.

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