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Cusco, Peru

Reviewed on August 29, 2018. #1 of 69 Reviews

This was my first time to Peru (it is a beautifully charming and spiritual place) and my first experience with Mama Ayahuasca and other sacred plant healers…or anything even remotely close! I had never dabbled with any recreational drugs or healing medicines of this kind before. But following a conversation with a close friend, I suddenly felt a real, heartfelt calling to be open to the healing power of these plant medicines and, though it was one of the most challenging things I’ve done, I am incredibly happy that I followed my instinct.

I was there for 11 days but even the 6 days is incredibly intense. It is not a magical cure that will wash over you as you lounge back – it’s work and it’s tough! You are a warrior out there. This is not to put you off at all – because with this bravery, openness, flow, discipline, respect, you allow yourself the opportunity to heal and grow profoundly, however subtle.

As Angel said below (just read his review) – we crossed paths on our retreats for his 6 days and he was a truly beautiful soul to share the start of my experience with – though it can be for some people, it’s not always huge, magical transformations. For me, it was the same… I was aware of healing taking place and know in my heart that small shifts have happened… but time will reveal how this all unfolds for me.

The journey can be quite overwhelming – certainly for me on the 11-day retreat, more people came and went who weren’t always quite of the same mindset in terms of vulnerability and healing which I realise affected my ‘letting go’ a little. I felt much more at peace when just with the people who were there with similar intentions. I shared my last few days with one other person who had been with me from the start and a new cohort of 5 retreatees and again they were all fantastic – gentle, supportive, there with similar motivation. I could have stayed longer with this group for sure. Something I didn’t think I’d be saying halfway through when spending yet another ceremony vomiting!

Yeps, this is a very common symptom of the plant medicines – to purge, to clear… But everyone reacts differently – including yourself from one ceremony to another – so, hard though it is, try not to have expectation. Paco will repeat this time and time again! And rest assured, should it be uncomfortable, that it passes… and healing is taking place… all is good…

Chrissy and Paco are wonderful and I speak so highly of them. Chrissy is incredibly professional – she is pragmatic and has things running smoothly and efficiently – and she is also a wonderful listener who gives you time, really hears you and takes on board exactly what you’re saying. She is helpful and accommodating, cares about the process and your stay there, and as a Reiki master and spiritual reader, is also very intuitive, connected and a beautiful healer herself.

Paco is a genuinely incredible shaman… so connected, inspiring and wise, and such a joyous bundle of warmth, love and playfulness! 🙂 Like Chrissy, he is a fabulous and generous listener and is wonderfully patient. He is an approachable, experienced and enlightened teacher and leads the ceremonies emanating his beautiful spirituality, gratitude and love for life, this Universe and Mother Earth – including, of course, the utmost respect he has for the sacred healing plants he works so gently with. I could not have wished for a better, more knowledgeable, more loving shaman to guide me and I know I’m not alone in this thinking!

Paco and Chrissy are truly authentic in what they do, care deeply about your journey and, despite the challenges you may face along the way, I can almost guarantee they’ll make you smile 🙂

You are in safe and caring hands, and hearts… and if unsure of anything, just ask! Go with an open mind and heart…and see how your journey unfolds… I would not hesitate to recommend Shamanic Vida. Plus they have Minnie the Inca dog and a wee pup they saved to open your hearts even further! Enjoy… With love and respect 🙂 xxx

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