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Los Cielos Peru

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Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on August 4, 2017. #1 of 20 Reviews


I went to Los Cielos close to 1 year ago. Peru was my first big trip outside of Canada and I was excited. I had been using psychedelics for about 5 years prior to the my trip to Peru as a method of exploration of self. I suppose I got what some refer to as the calling. That call came through a friend. Somehow someway I managed to make the trip happen and soon after I heard the call I found myself on a plane and soon arriving at an airport in a place called Pucallpa, I was not in downtown Vancouver anymore. I was met by Tyler at the airport which was nice because I speak 0 spanish, shame on me, I know. Tyler, an assistant guide, and friend scooped me and took me to our hotel, where I would meet Sylvie who is officially the Primary Program Facilitator However I started to view her as more of a big sister. Wise, no bullshit, oceans of love. Not perfect, which actually makes her perfect. Needless to say I was a fish out of water, not in my element at all. I felt that the staff at Los Cielos did everything within there capablilties to help myself and the other travellers to feel as comfortable as possible while undertaking this very intense inner work. I can’t say that my time at Los Cielos was pleasant but I don’t say that as a bad thing. Its how it needed to be. I did not go to Los Cielos to vacation, I went for reasons that I don’t think Im conscious of, also, I went to drink Ayahuasca. The Ayahuasca was by far the most potent, intense experience I have ever had. The whole experience was a lot to take on and I would strongly recommend for people who are going to do this, that you have your intentions in check. Because you’ll need them when words stop making sense and you realize what you are and the hilarious predicament of existence and your relationship to it. I feel like at Los Cielos they are trying to create an environment which is respectful to the Aboriginal people of the amazon and the land in which they are using for there healing centre. From what I understand they pay there staff a competitive wage as well invite staff to join the ceremony. I was absolutely in awe of Sylvie’s attentiveness during the ceremonies. As afraid as I was sometimes, Sylvies presence would help me be ok with the fear, I trusted her. One of the Shamans, Orlando, would keep the energy alive all night, working hard shifting energy, cleaning energy, loving on us. It was truly amazing the hard work this man puts into complete strangers and what he probably takes on from other people is scary to think about, I respect what he does and how he does it. My trip to Los Cielos was a mixed bag, but what isn’t. When I look back and see how much work all the staff there did for me to ensure my safe arrival, my stay until my departure, i feel moved.
I recommend Los Cielos as a safe environment for you to go, drink powerful medicine. Try Kambo, (which is a whole other story) and meet some cool like minded people who you may grow with over the duration of your time spent at the facility. For me this would not be something I would go do just because, this in my opinion a place for people to go and work on themselves and which isn’t always fun. Thank you to the staff for your work and commitment to trying to help people feel ok sometimes. love you guys.


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