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São Bento, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Reviewed on March 31, 2020. #1 of 15 Reviews

Thank you Millie, Norberto and all volunteers at Terramaya.

At Terramaya I had my first encounter with Ayahuasca together with my wife, it was a truly life changing experience for both of us. I was received by the most kind and loving people that made me feel at home right way. Our group had several people that had been at Terramaya before which made me feel safe and secure. The volunteer folks were amazing and never hesitated in helping and comforting us in any way. I left Terramaya looking forward to come back and excited to share my experience with people that I love. I was fortunate to meet Norberto, the most genuine and blessed soul that wondered on this planet and now rests in peace, you and your wise words will never be forgotten. Thank you Millie for opening your home and heart to me and many others, music guided me into a journey that I cannot express in mere words.

Life. Health. Happiness. Open Paths. Health in the body. Peace in the spirit. Love in the heart.

It is this that we wish for all our brothers and all our sisters.

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