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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on February 12, 2019. #1 of 56 Reviews

In january 2019 I did my first ayahuasca retreat at Pisatahua. During the four ceremonies I was able to get a really deep healing. The facilities at Pisatahua are so optimate to do a retreat, having no cellphone connection, hardly any electricity, but a good, clean and lovely (!!!) center in the middle of the jungle. The accomodations, the rooms, everything, was very beautiful. The only thing, during the rain time, it is difficult to get things dry, due to its very humid climate. But even so Eric and Sasha offered us to have our clothes washed in the middle of our retreat time (they took them to Riberalta to wash them in a washing machine and have them dried in a dryer) and also we received clean bed sheets, it felt as a great luxury having clean clothes and bed sheets..! 🙂 Any inconvenient Eric or Sasha would inmediately help us. They were amazing. The food we received, was a special diet to the ceremonies we had, in our case our “Shamana” Karina Luna had us on a lot of quinoa and vegetables as well as fruit, brazil nuts (we learned that they mainly come from Riberalta, Bolivia and not from Brazil!), so as Acai juices. Eric organized a beautiful tour through the jungle with Chaca, a real jungle expert. They also organized a boat ride on the lake, where anacondas as well as crocodiles live 🙂 We also had the opportunity to visit a local Shaman, all in all very beautiful experiences.
Climate in january is very humid, it rained every day, but not constantly, the weather would change easily, from sun to cloudy to rain. The temperature though was always warm, even the rain was warm. Recommended to bring a head lamp, you definitely need one to walk from the main area to your “cabañas”, it gets dark early (around 7pm). Bring good shoes that dry easily, for the every day use at the center “crocs” or “flipflops” are a very good option.
Time really passed by so fast, suddenly the retreat was over! Our group fell in love with each other… And the love and care Eric and Sasha are putting in daily to this project, will make me for sure come back in the future!!!

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