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Rite Of Passage Mexico

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Carretera Libre Tijuana- Ensenada, Rosarito Mexico

Reviewed on November 29, 2018. #1 of 2 Reviews

Life changing! I want to thank Luis for introducing me to this new way of life. Struggling for years with addiction, no joy in life, family and friends wanted nothing to do with me and I was barely existing through life in a dark dark place. When I had the opportunity to travel to ROP I was done with life and honestly was just looking for some temporary relief because in my mind this was going to be how I died. Little did I know..The overwhelming transformation I experienced is far beyond what I could have ever fathomed and so deep it is at times hard to put into words. I also struggled with deep rooted depression since 12yo and had tried everything for a solution, nothing ever worked. The way in which ibogaine and ayahuasca completed broke the chains of all of this and showed me a different view of life is completely amazing. Not only did this set me off on a completely different path and a new way of life but its broken the barriers in so many aspects of my life. Contact me on instagram if you would ever like to speak further – @mrallston
On another note..
I read the review/false disgusting comment above. Being that I am one of the people he refers to as a “gangster kid” I will fill you in on some real first hand facts and after that won’t be addressing the sad individual any further. I normally wouldn’t even respond to this but i know Luis is too kind and too humble of a man to do so. This guy Dylan was had been granted two stays for a discounted rate and due to his attitude and his will to change and take responsibility for his life after 2 full treatments did not make the best of it to say the least, so to use the word stole is a false and can only assume like when I met him has still not taken any responsibility in his life. ROP had the most amazing detox process and protocol in place to prepare for plant medicine. Dylan (40+ yo) behaved like an absolute child, disrespected staff, refused time and time again to complete his detox and preparation protocol, walked off property several times to eat food forbidden when detoxing and smoke cigarettes behind staffs back and the list could go on. Treated everyone there like trash. Truly a sad individual. At no point were there kids running around or fighting going on. Also a complete lie. All I have left to say with this individual is I wish you well and if you put half the energy into transforming your life and taking responsibility for yourself as you did into writing false and slanderous statements about a place who tried their best to do everything they could for you, then you will experience an amazing life. Much Love -Ian

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