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Eagle Condor Alliance – Colombia

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Reviewed on June 9, 2016. #1 of 110 Reviews

I attended Eagle Condor Alliance’s retreat in May 2016 and I had a beautifully positive and healing experience. I didn’t have many expectations, never having experienced any of the sacred medicines prior to this retreat and from the moment I arrived, I knew I was in an ideal environment to do so. The retreat took place high in the Colombian Andes, outside of Medellin, where the everyday temperature was perfect for an afternoon hammock nap and the view lent itself to post ceremony reflections overlooking the valley. Being based in such a natural and beautiful setting aided my journey personally and on several occasions we went on informal group walks down the nearby trail.
In addition to the breath-taking setting, it was obvious that the facilitators took care to provide us with the best possible experience during the ceremonies and throughout our stay. To do so meant providing us with delicious and nutrious food, ensuring our mental and physical comfort and being fully present and aware individuals. Who you choose to be surrounded by in these times of expanded consciousness and energetic sensitivity is important. I admire the facilitators not only for their awareness of this fact, but also for the obvious way in which they live with purpose and intention. They are genuine people whose knowledgeable, loving and nonjudgmental spirits serve as guides, role models and confidantes throughout this life changing journey. The healers are equally as beautiful and knowledgeable souls. They have many years of experience with the medicines and have infectious passion for Mother Earth, the elements and their community. The healers have been preparing the medicines for decades and they are as pure as the facilitators and healer’s hearts. Comfort can be taken in the fact that ECA never mixes other substances or plants in their medicines.
The ceremonies were structured in such a way that I believe I got a thorough, non-rushed introduction to the medicines. The ceremonies were authentic to the traditions in which they come from and the facilitators were there to translate when needed. Any questions or hesitations were addressed prior to ceremonies, the figurative door was always open and we were always given liberty to participate in accordance to our comfort level. I felt extremely comfortable with Eagle Condor Alliance and was able to completely let go because of the trust they fostered. Because of this, I believe I was able to take full advantage of the healing potential of the medicines and truly receive the teachings that were in such abundance that week. The retreat grounds truly felt like home for those 10 days and I left feeling as though I had not only been reunited with myself, but with family.
The list of positive things to say about my experience are infinite because each moment spent with Eagle Condor Alliance was filled with light, love, awareness and wisdom. Ultimately, we will undoubtedly have different, individual experiences but I can say with great certainty that if you trust in the Eagle Condor Alliance to guide your journey with the sacred medicines, it will be the curative and refreshing spiritual experience you need.

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