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Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on January 7, 2017. #1 of 40 Reviews

I have been to Blue Morpho for 4 ayahuasca retreats, one San Pedro (huachuma) retreat, and one Sanango retreat. I also plane to attend their international sacred site journeys. Clearly, I am a fan of the group… And here is why:

1. They take meticulous care in reviewing the people they allow to attend the sacred medicine journeys (ayahuasca, Sanango, San Pedro). They evaluate your intent via a questionnaire, and your medical history. They have a lot of experience in evaluating who is a good candidate who will benefit from the medicine, and who is not.

2. They give you detailed instructions on how to get to Iquitos, what vendors (hotels and mototaxis/cabs) to take once you get there, and how to get to the meeting point for the journey to the jungle camp. They have built tremendous credibility with their brand with locals, so people all know about Blue Morpho.

3. The jungle camps (both of them) offer very comfortable and secluded experiences. The food is very good. (Unless you are doing Sanango… Which requires a very strict dieta to follow. But you need to be very experienced with ayahuasca before you do Sanango.)

4. The ratio of staff (shamans, assistant shamans, ceremony assistants, camp assistants) is very high. And all are very experienced. I’ve seen other ayahuasca retreats tell me, “It’s not about quantity of ceremonies a shaman has conducted, it’s about the quality.” That is a lie. It is about BOTH quality and quantity… And with the Blue Morpho staff, you are getting very experienced native medicine plant doctors who have been studying the medicine for DECADES, as well as apprenticing and maestro shamans who have years of experience with ayahuasca specifically.

I will continue to go back to only Blue Morpho. It’s worth more than what you pay to attend.

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