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The 5th Dimension Healing & Spiritual Retreat

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Indiana, Loreto, Peru

Reviewed on August 22, 2020. #1 of 28 Reviews

I have been to a few healing centers around Iquitos area and I must say The 5th Dimension is absolutely the best!

Firstly, the medicine is a real quality one. Secondly, and most importantly – one will be offered as much medicine as one requires during each ceremony, according to personal tolerance, because some individuals do need much larger doses. The shamans are super capable and professional, they really know what they are doing, so even when the medicine hits hard – they cope with that with impressive efficiency.

Service in general feels rather personalised and not institutionalized (like in some places), which makes one truly feel at home. Charlie, William and the staff will try their best to attend to any particular need of every client, even super demanding ones (like myself 🙂

The center itself is so super clean, well maintained, perfectly located and well designed – so that you will never even get your feet dirty. There is enough space to exercise, suntan or relax with a book. It looks like a beautiful garden with fruit trees, exotic flowers and perfectly trimmed grass.

Every free time we had during afternoon, if didn’t rain – we took trips to nearby villages and of course to the famous Monkey Island. There are also options of jungle walks or a bonfire by the Amazon river at night. How cool is that! All depends on what activities the group prefers – Charlie and William will make it happen, if the weather allows!

The food is so healthy and abundant! Super fresh Amazonian fish or local chicken everyday – accompanied with tons of fresh organic, locally grown vegetables. They are using only natural herbs and ingredients at all times. Vegan and vegetarian options are available too! There are always herbal tea and fresh fruit available during day and night, which is especially helpful after a rough ceremony.

My ayahuasca ceremonies were amazing! The medicine is sooo super potent and the shamans are sooo super powerful and professional. I never felt alone or scared ever, because one of the facilitators were always around to help with any little thing. The voices of shamans and the songs – icaros, were truly magical. Other guests during the retreat also had amazing and insightful experiences, we all shared them together after each ceremony.

It is also so convinient that the center offers Kambo and Nunu as it was super cleansing and prepared me for much deeper and profound ayahuasca healing. Especially it’s Kambo that I enjoyed the most , although some find it unpleasant – I felt this amazing energy of pure Love. It cleansed me so well, that I gave up eating a lot of unhealthy junk food after that.

This place is truly magical. I had life changing insights, I met new friends and found most welcoming place on Earth (where true magic happens..) I can always come back to and feel like family.
After retreat I feel whole, replenished, open-hearted, free of negative limiting beliefs, and filled with pure Love.
I’m so grateful for this unforgettable experience. Thank you, thank you,thank you! I rate this place million stars!

And hey! :
Infinite love is the only truth
Everything else is an illusion

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