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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on September 12, 2019. #1 of 56 Reviews

I had the privilege and the pleasure of participating in the 10-day retreat offered by Pisatahua, located near the city of Riberalta in Bolivia. I have been to other retreat centers before, and have to say that Pisatahua blows them all out of the water. Apart from the fact that Pisatahua is nestled right on the beautiful San Jose lake deep in the rainforest, i was incredibly impressed with the format of the retreat. Wara, the curandera we worked with, is superbly talented, has an incredible connection with the medicine, and is blessed with a fantastic intuition that she uses to help the retreat guests work out all their issues.

I should note that the 10-day retreat is challenging, and ultimately extremely rewarding. The diet we followed was extremely strict, which i found was essential for promoting cleansing. The day after the ceremony, we sit in a circle and discuss the previous night’s events, and are then encouraged to write down any thoughts we have in an effort to integrate each experience. When applicable, Wara would perform a wide variety coca leaf readings, cleansing ceremonies, tobacco ceremonies, rape’ ceremonies, and offerings, both as a group and with individuals in an effort to guide us more smoothly on our way as well as to open up our minds.

Erik and Sasha, who run the retreat center as part of the Sustainable Bolivia project, are extremely dedicated to the hard work that they do. Folks should rest easy knowing that the money that they spend on this retreat will go towards organizing community outreach activities in the small indigenous community of Warnes as well as Riberalta, in addition to expanding the borders of the reserve in an effort to protect the area from illegal logging.

Despite being an Ayahuasca medicine veteran, the 10-day retreat really changed my life as it has helped me work out some important issues and shown me the path that lies ahead of me. I would highly recommend this retreat center to anyone who is in need of healing or has the intention of making important changes in their lives to promote their well-being and happiness. This retreat is NOT intended for thrill-seekers or those just looking for an experience. The 10 day retreat is very hard work and challenged me in ways that i never thought possible. But in the end i am so proud of myself and the other members of my group for all the hard work we have done. And i was thrilled to see everyone on day 10 leave the center with a new perspective on life.

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