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La Luna Del Amazonas

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on May 7, 2018. #1 of 32 Reviews

I had the pleasure to stay at La Luna for a whole month last year, this is when It was all starting up and the first patients were coming through. I write this review so people can feel safe with their decision and don’t feel scared to take the leap – you are in great hands.

First of all arriving in Iquitos one could be overwhelmed by the noise and intensity of the Moto taxis of the busy city, navigating down to the Nanay river and catching the boat to Santa Marta where La luna is located is when the tranquility starts. The huge river brings peace and mystery at the same time. Distancing yourself further away from the sounds of the city puts you in an incredible setting arriving in the village is when I thought – Now I’m in the jungle – walking for about 30 minutes more through a clear path in the middle of the forest, crossing bridges this is when you begin to hear the beautiful jungle sounds which will accompany you the whole time (especially at night) ! So its safe to say the location is beautiful with a lake and surrounded by nature, tranquility is found here.

The facilities are great – the cabins are excellent they are netted on the walls so you can sit in your bed (safe from mosquitos) and enjoy the raw jungle which lays before your eyes. This was possibly my favourite thing about the month was how cool it was to be sleeping literally in the middle of the forest (but at the same time having the comfort of not being eaten alive by the bugs!) The communal spaces where we ate and had the ceremonies were beautiful traditional structures with palm leaf roofs to keep the heat out and giving the place a real authentic feel (The food was great too, we stuck to the dieta but very creative and varied in order to keeps things interesting!) You must follow the dieta correctly to get the best experience from the plant medicines.

I have drunk Ayahuasca previously in other parts of Peru for some extended periods and have encountered a few different Shamans and I must say the Curanderos (healers) at La Luna especially Don Guido (Who i had the most ceremonies with) has a heart of gold, truly a person who dedicates their life to helping other its a pleasure to see such pure people at work. This goes for the staff at la luna too, genuine, honest and most of all caring. Its a great feeling being around people who actually care about your well being over anything else. This is a humble centre Ive seen some others in Iquitos with huge facilities and extended walking platforms pretty much you don’t even touch the ground while your there. If you want to really connect with nature you have to be ready to live with it – Yes there are bugs, yes there are animals but its part of the magical experience, hearing the frogs the monkeys, embracing mosquito bites its all part of it, and you will thank yourself later for just accepting your in the jungle.

Studying the way they brew the ayahuasca there at La Luna they follow ancestral methods and choose their ingredients very well. While I was there we drank an ayahuasca called ‘la chuchupa’ and it was with vines which were 15 years old (really really thick) and the Chakruna was brought from Pucallpa. Ayahuasca showed me a lot of things about myself giving me a very in depth look into my own errors and flaws in my life (and good things i do), and the plant helped me to appreciate the people around me more and have more love for every creature that we live with. The plant also helped me to blow some dust off my path in life (or more direction in life) and gave me confidence and strength to pursue these ideas. I really would recommend this plant to everyone its life changing.

Coming from a party drug taking background I have never taken something Psychoactive in a ceremonial setting. This changed my whole perspective of how to approach these kinds of experiences and made me realise how backwards we have it in the west. Ayahuasca in my opinion is NOT a drug, a drug in the sense of the substances I’m familiar with, Ayahuasca feels like it comes from outside in not inside out – it feels like there is someone with you there showing you teaching you, and above all guiding you.

Much love to you all
I’m going back to the jungle to spend another few months and continue my self development journey really soon – I’m going to be visiting la luna for sure.

I hope if anyone reads this that they can leave the fear of the unknown at home and embark on this beautiful experience – everyone who passed through la luna left with a smile from cheek to cheek really happy and a lot of them came with serious depression or cases of trauma and left happy ! Ayahuasca is amazing and we should all experience it

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