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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on July 18, 2019. #1 of 107 Reviews

For those beings ready to radically revise their body mind soul complex; Ayahuasca (ie.psychedelia) creates new neuronic pathways that enables our consciousness and therefore physical/material/dense selves to experience/travel and therefore manifest/be altered/hightened states of thinking and perception. This is what evolution, ascension and expansion is all about. Altered and hightened states of perception can be simply explained as moving into higher and lower frequencies of exsistence as all there is and all that is, is frequency and vibration. Truly, scientifically as well as esoterically, Love and Light.
What is special about Ayahuasca compared to other psychedelics is the physical healing she induces, importantly targetting our hormonal system in depth, which is basis necessity for enlightenment and ascension. Not only, but she is also a gateway for other plant medicines: taken in smaller doses she makes other medicines stronger and more effective.
Specifically with my body I had various experiences: tingling all over (for what seemed an eternity!) as she was healing my nervous system. I could feel, see, know it. It was a miracle. Furthermore, i had a purging experience where i saw,knew,felt that it came from my lungs and not my stomach. All my years indulging in smoking of all kinds, she cleared. It was strong, painful, but darn did it transform me. Breath is life,and I could breath again. (note: I had been guiding breath work for years prior to this). With Ayahuasca there is a lot of purging that happens and I felt compelled to mention these 2 of many clearings that happened to my body to note that the purging is not relative to the stomach and intestine. The purging occurs as the intelligence of the sacred plant targets all our physical areas that need healing. This medicine allows for what can take us years to heal (physically-emotionally-spiritually) to happen in instants.
Moving on to the psychedelia effect, healing the mind/soul part of our beings, here I find myself at a loss for words. The mystical, fantastical, shattering visions are too complex, artful and incredible to write about. Most ayahuasca journeys are described in poetry and visual art; there is a reason for this. Astral travel, soul leaving the body and living other worlds and dimensions; the pure joy and bliss of understanding life after death. The travel within one self and deeply knowing that we create all; the lessons imparted by the sacred medicine regarding our incarnations and beyond is transforming, healing, liberating. Years, many many years, of mental/psychological struggles, addicitons, depression, existential questions: gone, in 1 ceremony. Had someone told me, i wouldnt have believed. Now i do not believe, I KNOW. Its miraculous. She is truly divine. Not for nothing do we produce DMT when we incarnate (birth) and when we ascend (death/moving on) – specific breathwork also has the effect of DMT secretion from our pineal.
A crucial and determinant part of all this is Nimea Kaya; the needle for the thread. NK is a dome (king-dome) on this earth of non judgement, purity and expansion beyond human understanding. The simple techniques of the way we were fed, the gift of rulers of existence as breath/surrender/love applied to Aya use (which I now focus on every day- my grandest teachers) the yogic incorporations (excercise, meditation and breathing), the very special high frequency water, the heart circles, the knowledge and open hearts of the facilitators, and the Shamans that I can only say are the incarnation of love and healing! Yes Ayahuasca is Divine, but the power of this centre is undescribable. I have taken Ayahuasca after being in Nimea Kaya, and I can state that it was a totally different experience in all facets. There was a different depth; a different vibe all together. Nimea Kaya is an all encompassing, blessed place. A wonder and necesisty on this planet at this time.

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