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Temple of the Way of Light

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on April 6, 2014. #1 of 86 Reviews

I remember Celestina?s laugh. The first day I came around a corner and we saw each other and she just laughed such an innocent and beautifully friendly laugh. You can begin to hear it at the end of her youtube video.
I learned with great power comes great responsibility. It?s been a year and that truth has continued to evolve more and more. It forced me to see that integrity sheds the old skin of fear and doubt. Great clarity and knowledge moved me from uncertainty to certainty. Even though in some cases I could remain certain that I was uncertain and that was the best approach in some contexts. I learned a deep personal safety and love that hadn?t been felt before. It was like I doubled what it meant to be alive and slow down time to really appreciate sensing the world around me and my ability to sense it more fully and completely. Discovering the conviction of a certain direction seems like it wants to pull you there.
. I couldn?t believe I had ever been rude or mean to anybody. It made no sense. You realize such compassion for people, it?s so true. Being back in the world, this is forgotten much less and only to a degree. And it never reaches the intensity it used to because the causes seem absurd and irrelevant to anything really. It seems others comment on me being way more easy going than I had before more often than I notice.
I lost about 20 pounds at the Temple of the Way of Light. You?re eating such healthy foods and the ceremonies really clean out the body pretty quickly.
Many people rest the whole time but I felt a massive release the first ceremony and just feel like going and going. Although there were some days I needed some deep rest now that I think about it. Even though I was eating massive portions of food at breakfast and lunch.
Sometimes I would go into the library and shift through all these books I had never seen or heard of before. I think I read a whole book in one day while sitting in the hammocks in the Maloka.
The way the Maloka is, the breeze sweeps right through it and it would just put me right to sleep sometimes as I swung back and forth.
I remember sometimes there would be a couple doing Yoga in my peripheral. The shade of the Maloka and the bright backdrop of the green jungle behind, makes for a beautiful silhouette of steady and graceful movement and was nice to have around. Sort of like being at the beach where people?s voices are so soft and off in the distance and you have such a sense of peace.
There was one morning, I don?t know how much has been added since I?ve been but, there is a circular path garden with all kinds of vegetables and flowers and in the middle, the smoke from last night?s fire is going, this other guy and I, we plucked out a new song on his guitar. The night before we had a campfire and we sort of sang songs we all knew from home. Songs that seem to carry new meaning in them now. I remember the stars at night are so bright out there it?s like your own eyes are a natural telescope.
One night we turned the Maloka into a jungle drum party. Some various Dj?s from around the world happened to be there. We found a generator and they hooked up and we had a dance party that night. I don?t know if we were supposed to do that but we did and it was fun, after the rough week of ceremony.
I did face some great difficulty through my personal journey. I saw how much I had been neglecting myself in ways I hadn?t known before. I saw a part of me that was so furious with myself for not giving myself more credit for things I?ve gotten done in the past. The hurt and pain I saw was shocking at the time. My ?weak? and ?fearful? areas had great hidden power over me. And my weakness was transformed into great strength and self appreciation.
When the Shamans get in front of you in the dark, knee to knee, face to face, it is amazingly overwhelming. These Shamans Give You There Last Breath throughout each of your songs. They give you everything they have in there body to your song. It?s such LOVE that it?s too much and it changes you for good.
One night I got up to purge outside and was lucky enough to step on a spider. One of the Shamans whipped out this goo and wiped it on the area and a few minutes later I felt fine. Later that night the song seemed celebratory in nature. I got up and went outside with the most amazing sense of comfort. The jungle became so Alive. The moon was bright that night and the jungle and I began to breath all together. The immense sound the jungle makes is like a concert of melody and rhythm. The jungle sounded celebratory in nature. It sounded like being at a concert when the artist stops singing for a moment and the whole crowd continues to sing the song. I had no fear of the future and will never again. I learned that night that if you move towards your fears they will give their life for you. All of the precious gifts you might ask for are there. Life is calling you to realize what?s true for you and what needs to be done in the world through you.
It?s been a year since I?ve been to the Temple. What this experience has done is open up an awareness of so many coincidences. I feel and see I have brought the Temple of the Way of Light with me and it makes distance irrelevant.
It?s like, not only do you have healing to do but the world is calling you to go there. If you feel that calling you must trust your instincts and your guts.

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