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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

Listed in Ayahuasca

La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on December 21, 2018. #1 of 107 Reviews

I attended an Ayahuasca retreat at Nimea Kaya in July of 2017. It was a remarkable experience that I’ll always remember and reflect on. The staff was fantastic. They were ALL loving caring and supportive. Everything was well organized and the vegan meals were great and plentiful. I loved the indigenous shaman facilitating the ceremonies. The Shipibo people bringing their artwork and clothing to sell was also a great experience. Great people everywhere. All in an environment where I felt safe and secure from the very beginning.
Some parts of the ceremonies were a little tough but there were times where I experienced the warmest feeling of love and a connection to all those present that is hard to describe. This was my first and I plan on returning to Nimea Kaya again. Gary Abel

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