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Estacion Kapitari

Listed in Ayahuasca

Manacamiri, Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on September 6, 2014. #1 of 47 Reviews

For several years I felt lead to travel to the rainforest and experience ayahuasca. When I was prompted to go I attempted to register with another group several times but it wouldn’t go through. I finally realized that I needed to recast my net wider. After doing Google searches and feeling not lead to attend several other retreats I discovered Kapitari. When I arrived as a westerner I was pleased that the experience felt very authentic, while at the same time having access to facilitators who could bridge the gap between western world and rainforest shaman experience. The facilities are very rustic, family style meals, your own personal wooden hut with mosquito netting for personal reflection. It has been a year since my time there and my thoughts travel back to that land and my journeys often.
One of the things that I appreciate about Kapitari in relation to other ayahuasca retreats is that Don Lucho directs much of the financial proceeds into local permaculture efforts to grow organically sustainable foods.

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