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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on October 11, 2019. #1 of 56 Reviews

I don’t even know where to start. This was probably one of the best experiences I had in a very long time. The idea of such a retreat was lingering in my mind for a while and from the moment I decided to finally do this; I did not regret it even for a split second.
I am from Germany and for work reasons I get to travel quite a bit, mostly in Africa, and I thought: ok cool, the Amazon, let’s see, likely similar to other patches on the map that are still a bit left to nature… But boy oh boy was I wrong: the Amazon and especially Pisatahua is indeed a very special place. The stunning location, the carefully constructed and beautifully furnished cabins, the love of the family cooking for you, the wisdom and attention of the shaman (thanks a million Wayra!) and the incredible hospitality and caretaking of Eric and his lovely wife – and all this in a place where you feel that spirituality is just in every little thing along the way, from the huge amazon trees to the secluded forest hideouts to the little plants that you can observe growing by the minute.
The experience with the plant medicine was very intense for me, an unbelievable eye opener to your inner self and the few things that really matter in life. I still feel that this experience was like an inexpressible treasure that I stumbled upon and that I need to keep very close to my heart forever.
May all benevolent souls around us forever protect this place and its people – I am deeply thankful for the opportunity of having been part of this!
To all you soulsearchers out there: taking this step will no doubt get you closer to ‘be here now’.

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