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Temple of the Way of Light

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on May 4, 2018. #1 of 86 Reviews

I first visited the Temple of the way of Light in October 2017 for a 13 day retreat at a time in my life when I was feeling a little lost. Life on the surface was very good, but I felt like I was lacking direction and purpose.

On arriving at the temple I felt at home immediately and very comfortable to share the challenges I was experiencing in my life. The facilitators work very hard to explain in detail the process used to work with the medicine and there is plenty of time to settle in to the environment and meet the healers before the first ceremony.

I made some pretty big changes following the 13 day retreat, I actually proposed to my girlfriend during the last group share and we have since married. The insights and wisdom received during the ceremonies were integrated through discussions with the facilitators and the integrative activities than run throughout the retreat. I made some strong bonds with the fellow participants and on leaving felt certain I would be returning.

Sure enough, I returned with my wife to complete a tobacco dieta followed by a three week deep immersion in March through April 2018. You can view my video testimonial here:

The tobacco dieta was a very different experience: 7 days and nights in solitude, only fruit juice for breakfast and lunch, drinking the tobacco brew every night. This process induced a deep physical, mental and spiritual cleanse. At the time it was difficult to explain exactly what was happening, just a knowing that many shifts were happening and that the significance of these shifts would present themselves in due course. I left feeling grounded, clear minded and total at peace with myself.

Jason and Valko provided support and guidance before, during and after the dieta, seemly able to say exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it. Their knowledge and wisdom has been cultivated over many years of working with the plant(s), taking themselves to the depths of their own consciousness. Being able to work with people demonstrating their level of commitment to the frankly terrifying, extraordinary and wonderful path towards finding who you really are was an real honor.

The deeper workings of the tobacco dieta became abundantly clear during the first and subsequent ayahuasca ceremonies of the deep immersion retreat that commenced 9 days following. The insights that came were direct, specific and systematically worked through each area of my life. The sheer volume of insights and wisdom I received in each of the ceremonies was overwhelming. The tobacco opened me up, opened my heart and my mind and allowed the ayahuasca to penetrate deeper.

Overall, I have experienced profound mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth during the last 6 months. I feel more excited to be alive than I have for many years, with a greater sense of purpose than ever before. My experiences at the temple have peeled back the layers of conditioning that we all accumulate as we go through life. As each layer falls away I become more of who I alway have been, more connected to my inner truth. As Jason always says this work is a process of taking things away.

The main lesson I would like to offer to anyone looking to work with plants is find someone you can trust. The more I trust in the space, healers, facilitators and medicine provided by the temple the more profound the healing I received becomes.

Ultimately, finding a place you can trust will only take you 50% towards whatever it is you want to heal, the other 50% comes from your commitment and resolve to work through whatever it is inside of you that’s standing in your way.

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