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Parign Hak – Grandma´s Home

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Manu Biosphere Reserve

Reviewed on June 20, 2018. #1 of 66 Reviews

As a single woman traveling alone in Peru, this was the perfect place! I was directed to Jessica by Dennis McKenna, when I met him at a lecture in Hawaii. I asked him if he could refer me to a trustworthy ayahuasquera (I wanted to work with a woman). I also wanted to experience ayahuasca in Amazon, as it’s where the medicine originates, and is basically the heart of nature itself. Jessica’s originally from Germany but speaks perfect English, which was important to me since I’m not fluent in Spanish (or German) She’s got a very different approach to plant medicine than many of the retreat centers I’ve seen. She’s not “New Age” or “Ultra Spiritual” which seems so common in the West. She’s very down-to-earth, direct, and practical when it comes to the medicine. I felt so safe at Parign Hak, that I was able to do some of my deepest “shadow work” there. Between Jessica and Vicky (the Harakbut owner of the center) there is a powerful maternal presence. This resonates with the spirit of Ayahuasca and creates a nurturing and loving environment, perfect for intense healing work. The center also has a strong focus on cultural exchange, and I learned so much about the local people by being there. This is not a luxury retreat, so if you require pampering and modern Western accommodations, look elsewhere. But if you’re willing to “rough it” a little in the jungle, in exchange for top-notch work with Ayahuasca, and a life-changing exposure to a rich indigenous culture, definitely consider Parign Hak! I will be back!

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