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Shamanic Vida

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+51 937440528

Cusco, Peru

Reviewed on January 19, 2018. #1 of 69 Reviews

Where do I start… Shamanic Vida, what a place! Since the moment I walked in I felt so good, so peacefull surrrounded by the beautifull nature of the Sacred Valley and the lovely beings Chrissy and Paco are. And this was important for me. I was planning to do Ayahuasca but only when it felt right. This was very important to me as I have epilepsy and there is not much known about the risk of taking Ayahuasca while having epilepsy. I could not have imagined a place better then Shamanic Vida to go through this process. Paco guided me from day one towards the Ayahuasca ceremony. We slowly broke down my epilepsy medicine intake as you are not suppose to have chemicals in your body while taking Ayahuasca, and he supported me with alternatives to balance it out. So much attention to detail and love received, amazing. Then with the ceremony itself all the right care and precautions were taken, as we would not know what would happen without epilepsy medicine under influence of Ayahuasca. I felt so taken care of, they really were there for me 100%. And everything went well. So well that now, 4 months later, I am still off my epilepsy medicine. A miracle? I don’t know, I still have to pass by the hospital to see how the situation is… I believe more that Paco, Chrissy and Ayahuasca teached me how to connect better with my body and provided the right alternative care necessary in order to keep me away from ceasures without taking meds. I can’t describe how gratefull I am for this amazing process I went through and still are in. Thankful for all the love received from Paco, Chrissy and other people around and looking forward to come back one day. Hopefully, still without epilepsy medicine and feeling better then ever before. I will never forget you guys and mother Ayahuasca, one love…

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