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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on April 3, 2015. #1 of 97 Reviews

Ezana Zewede, Arlington VA, USA

This is and always will be the best experience I’ve had in my life. To be honest I didn’t even know anything about a Ayahuasca till recently and I’m glad I came across it. I had a wonderful experience that I simply can’t put into words and can’t even began to explain what happened to me in those 7-10 days. Ayahuasca gives you exactly what you need, nothing more nothing less. But I personally think everyone experiences it differently. The staff at Nimea Kaya were amazing and made me feel like as if I’ve known them my whole live withing the first few days and made my time there very easy. I hope that one day all of us will take the time to consider Ayahuasca as the many possible tools to bring humanity together.

Thank you and you won’t regret the experience.

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