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Arkana Spiritual Center – 2 sites in Peru: Amazon & Sacred Valley

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Iquitos and Urubamba in Peru

Reviewed on November 11, 2017. #1 of 420 Reviews

Hello! I hope my recent Ayahuasca experience may be useful for those who are interested in the medicine and consider Pulse Tours. I’ve participated the 14 Days Ayahuasca Retreat (Oct, 14-29) and thanks to God (or someone else) I didn’t limit myself by taking just 7 days. I know it depends on a person. As for me, I’m sure that four ceremonies wouldn’t be enough and I would certainly be frustrated. However I met very excited people from previous tours who took just 7days retreat and seemed totally satisfied.
My retreat was not occasional; I planned it since last year being inspired by Graham Hancock’s and David Icke’s youtube videos about their experience with DMT and Ayahuasca. My favourite singer Tori Amos once said that the most influential journeys she had ware with Ayahuasca. So I can’t ignore that signs and started to investigate the topic. That eventually leaded me to ayaadvisor and there I found the Pulse Tours. My attention was also attracted by another organization but they require rubber boots to take from home. That is not convenient for me so PulseTours won in that competition 🙂
Well, don’t expect too comfortable conditions to have in the jungles, however, it doesn’t matter after being there for some time. Ok, honestly I missed hot water every time but everyone can take it for a week or two. What really matters is people at Pulse Tours. They are very kind and always ready to help if you need something. I felt very safe. All guests I met were also very nice people, so we lived like a big family, indeed. Pulse Tours deserves five stars just for that. Tamara, I miss your ‘Group share!’ calling )) I even get a Facebook account after the tour to be in touch with my new friends.
Now it’s time to tell something about the medicine itself. Well, for a long time I didn’t understand it. Every time I just took the dose, listen to the Icaros and wait for something. Well, actually something happened, but it was very far from what should really happen. I had some visions but it was just a “surface” as I understand it later. Unfortunately I wasted a lot of time getting almost nothing useful from the ceremonies just hard sleepless nights and physical exhausting. I thought the normal dose is not enough for me and I tried more but nothing really changed except it became more difficult to endure.
It was my seventh ceremony when I somehow started listening to that internal thin sound of Ayahuasca playing in my body. This tuning of attention turned into the magic door in me, or connection to the medicine as they call it. When it happened, all my bad physical feelings faded away, the vomiting signals disappeared, the breathing became very free and the “rabbit hole” took me really deep. It was the first time I couldn’t walk by myself when the facilitators came to take me to the personal Icaro. My body was in this world but I was in another world(s). At last I understood what was going on during the ceremony, what Ayahuasca did, what Icaros did, why we needed shamans. By the way, the shamans are Great.
DMT or Sapo ceremony is another AMAZING story, if you would have chance to take it, DO IT.
I won’t go into the details of my “rabbit hole” experience, it does matter just for me. I was looking for answers, but Ayahuasca gave me the answer that made most of my questions irrelevant. That answer was a treasure for me. The tour is not cheap for me but I would certainly look for a possibility to come back. I really want my parents, my friends to have such experience, but I can’t recommend somebody to take Ayahuasca, because this way may be very difficult physically and the result in not guaranteed in a short period of time.
If somebody have decided to participate and looking for a piece of advice, I would say you should not have ANY expectations. You have to be patient, honest, don’t stay away mentally during the ceremony, listen to yourself, the magic will be happening inside, we just have to notice it behind that physical unpleasant symptoms and follow the white rabbit.

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