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Arkana Spiritual Center

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Iquitos and Sacred Valley in Peru

Reviewed on June 27, 2017. #1 of 373 Reviews

Hello all,
My name is Evan, I am 40 year/old medical doctor from Michigan and this was my first time I had Ayahuasca. I went to the center at the end of February 2017 with a close friend who had already been to the center the year prior.

Personal work and preparation is a must in my opinion. You will get out of the experience what you bring into it.

My main concern was the quality and expertise of the Shamans. Even though technically the medication itself can be very safe pharmacologically, I would place myself in the hands of strangers, in the middle of the jungle.

As soon as I got there I felt very welcome. The lodgings were adequate and very comfortable for the middle of the jungle. The kitchen provides delicious healthy food and the activities the center has for its guest will keep your activity level as intense as you want.

The staff and facilitators for the ceremonies are very good as well. They are knowledgeable, attentive and capable of helping someone during the most intense portions of the ceremony if needed. I think the facilitator team in the center, is a group of people that really want to learn and help people with their work with Ayahuasca.

I believe the shamans at the center are truly experts in their field. They are able to create a very safe and stable space for the individual to do their work with the medicine. A minimum of 20 years experience per shaman. I felt very comfortable and I was able to trust the shamans and the space they created for me in the Maloca 100%. Their mastery of their craft, from the preparation of the medicine, to the safe space, to their unbelievable Ikaros they sing. I was amazed by their knowledge, intensity and focus of their actions throughout the duration of the ceremony (4-6 hours per ceremony).

It is very difficult to express what I experienced during my week in the center. I feel that if you are ready for the work one has to do with the medication, the center is an excellent place to have that work done.

I was truly humbled by the fact that the local Shipibo people were willing to open their home to me and allow me to experience and partake in their culture and their knowledge of this world. Forever grateful.

In my opinion, the price of admission is more than worth it.

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