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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

Listed in Ayahuasca

La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on December 31, 2018. #1 of 107 Reviews

Nimea Kaya is a very special place – a true gem hidden in the Amazon jungle of Pucallpa, Peru. I found Nimea Kaya by the way of my own intuition. I visited their website and something deep inside me said “that’s it ” I had been searching for an ayauasca retreat center for months and there it was. I attended my first retreat in the new year of 2017. It was a small group – 12 of us total but it was exactly what we all needed. I had been on a healing quest for nearly my whole life but the year leading up to this retreat I had made some major shifts in my life. I set on on my solo trip to the jungle to work with plant medicine to understand creation and connect more deeply to the Divine. I was ready to expand my own healing practice by taking my self to the next level. I never expected to meet 12 beautiful souls and several other magical beings (staff and shaman’s) while on this journey, but I did. Not only did I awaken to entirly new perspective of life but I healed deep karmic ties I had been grappling with from a very difficult break up I had suffered through from 2013-2016. As well as I gained insight on my own karmic past lives and was able to understand and appreciate why I was leading the life I was in the present. It was incredibly eye opening and deeply healing experience. I walked away with whole new appreciation for the jungle as well as my soul’s journey. If you are looking to explore yourself more deeply in a beautiful setting with caring and supportive soul’s deep in the jungles of Peru this is the place for you! Much love and adoration for Nimea Kaya and all the wonderful healing work they hold space for. Xoxo Elizabeth

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