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Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Reviewed on March 19, 2020. #1 of 28 Reviews

Along with three other friends, we stayed at Chakapita for an 8 day retreat, though we all felt like we wanted to stay indefinitely! Chakapita is a magical land located at the base of the mountain, El Mascaron, which I personally felt protected by (along with the little pony watching over us!) throughout our time at the retreat. Miguel and Katie are literal angels, so welcoming, generous and compassionate. I participated in 3 ayahuasca ceremonies, 1 san pedro and 1 vilca ceremony. All were profoundly healing in their own respects, at times very challenging, but very enlightening as well. I felt as though I entrusted Katie and Miguel with my life, only knowing them for a day or two and felt completely seen, safe and cared for. They were both available to talk after ceremonies, as I believe talking about the experience is very important for integration, and they were very open and understanding. Having trusted friends along for the trip was important for me as well, though we all bonded and felt like family. Especially with the lovely volunteers Georg and Franzi, who prepared amazingly delicious vegetarian meals throughout our stay. And the dogs! They really held me up when I was having a tough moment, and I was so grateful for their presence as protectors and friends. Accommodations are simple, comfortable and clean. This was a life-changing experience and I left with a newfound sense of freedom and love. I most certainly recommend Chakapita retreats, and hope very much we will all get to see each other again very soon.<3

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