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Temple of the Way of Light

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on October 30, 2019. #1 of 94 Reviews

With gratitude for Matthew, the founder of The Temple Of The Way Of Light:
I enrolled in an 11 day Intensive – focused on alignment of my life’s true nature and with this, my life’s path… Absolutely brilliant … The facilitators were exceptional in delivering the daytime work around this, then, at night, with ceremony, our intentions were brought from the day’s work, to enhance the healing work of the ayahuasca and Shipibo healers. So perfect to have these two levels of personal work.
All the staff were right there, for the 11 days, in all ways that one may need them. I had a beautiful Tambo (sleeping hut) where I felt private, could experience the jungle and yet be a stone’s throw from someone if I needed it. The grounds are very well looked after, the food delicious and all meal preferences catered for, without breaking the dieta rules. Safety is paramount. The grounds have security at the boundaries, the staff are plentiful during ceremonies, helping with any needs that may arise, like going to the toilet, or if deeply struggling. The Shipibo are exceptional…words can’t describe their compassion, awareness and joyful nature. If you are thinking about coming, come. There’s so many options on the calendar. I had not worked with this medicine before, but I will be again.

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