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Temple of the Way of Light

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on July 6, 2018. #1 of 87 Reviews

I have been at the Temple in 2014 and I now have been thinking long and hard if I indeed should write this review or not and I came to the conclusion that taking this step is an important step for me to take to complete that chapter and to continue my own healing journey. I personally do not perceive my experience with the Temple an overall positive one. I loved the Temple ground and I am absolutely sure that I have received from Ayahuasca and the Shipibo people what I was ready for and I will forever remain grateful for that aspect of the journey. However, when it comes to the organisation of the Temple itself, I perceive it as a highly patriarchal system with maybe even what can be considered dysfunctional western people working in positions they simply might not be qualified for at all. The pinnacle of what I am talking about was a person responsible for integration tell me “as a joke” in a core wound healing session that it would be awful to continue to work with me. I had had a few sessions with her prior and as the integration program had not existed yet when I made my journey, I felt the sessions were really helping me integrate my experience, even though my original journey already had been a few years prior, and I was considering to keep doing them for a while till I had mastered a certain step on my continued journey, and so I somehow wanted to check if working with me was working for her as well. I thought that when I pay somebody a solid weekly fee, I want that to be appreciated and that the person feels comfortable working with me too. And I was really vulnerable in that situation, which she knew, and my humour just does not cover that situation at all. And, that snapping energy of darkness or coldness or insensitivity coming from that organisation or people working for that organisation on the western side of things is something I have experienced as a pattern, and that conversation was then the point at which I finally decided to move on. I also have to say that leaving situations, which are not good for me, is not my strength, and I was really attached to the location and somehow thought that walking away would mean I am not grateful for what I have received from the Shipibo people, which is really not the case at all. So I guess in the end you all have to decide for yourself and I guess it might be the right place for some. My needs however for emotional safely had not been met at all. I had chosen that place with great care and consideration, but in the end, I have to come to the sad conclusion that it was not the right one for me. I am truly sad about that, as I was really interested in developing a long-lasting relationship and wanted to contribute with my unique gifts long after my original visit, but that one was not appreciated as well, so, really, not a good experience. I only wish I would have been able to let go much sooner, but soul level things I guess just take their time.

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