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Arkana Spiritual Center – 2 sites in Peru: Amazon & Sacred Valley

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Iquitos and Urubamba in Peru

Reviewed on February 22, 2020. #1 of 420 Reviews

I went to Arkana Sacred Valley for a one-week ayahuasca retreat with my husband and it was the most transformational experience I ever had. I hadn’t even heard about ayahuasca when my husband and I first decided to take a trip to Peru. He knew a little about it from a friend twenty years ago and it has been on his radar since then. So, we did a whole lot of research about ayahuasca and the numerous retreats in Peru and decided on Arkana. They had a lot of clear details on their website which gave me a sense of security and I am so grateful that we chose Arkana. We had a Skype meeting with an Arkana facilitator before going which they do with all their participants, and he answered everything that was still in question.

We were greeted at Arkana with traditional music. The grounds are cozy with hammocks, a yurt and comfortable chairs to sit and meditate in or to hang out and chat with the other retreaters. There is a bounty of fruit and tea is always available. I was also pleasantly surprised at the rooms which were comfortable and had a private bathroom with shower. The meals were fresh and tasty although I did miss my spices, which are not a part of the ayahuasca diet.

I loved all the activities and workshops that were planned: the morning yoga, the temazcal (sweat lodge), the sound healing and breath work; it was all well organized and supported the other work we were doing. Which leads me to the ayahuasca ceremonies.

I admit that I arrived with some hesitation, but I have never had such an informative and transformational experience in my life. The shamans were sensitive and made me feel safe and each ceremony was unique and extremely powerful. I learned so much about myself; my past, my present, my emotions and thoughts and it allowed a powerful clarity that continues informing me every day. The supporting facilitators were also fabulous; so giving, loving, kind and present. I felt safe and well taken care of in their hands. You are given a personal arkana (chant/song) by the shaman in your last ceremony that they record and send to you. I listen to mine often so that I can connect, be supported and reminded of my time. It has proved to be extremely useful.

I also tried Sapo and San Pedro which they offered. I had an incredible Sapo experience which connected me to a Universal Love that filled me completely. I felt completely safe and cared for in this ritual. I had the best massage while I was there too. Overall, my time at Arkana is a time I will never forget.

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