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Cusco, Peru

Reviewed on January 24, 2019. #1 of 69 Reviews

Thank you so much Pacco and Chrissy ,

Miss you all loads! x

I know I needed help to get me me over a few hurdles , and I felt that Ayahuasca was going to help me and she did , she showed me what I needed .,
I had already processed a lot through therapy but I still had some limiting self beliefs which were annoying to me , mainly based on fear and anxiety , I knew I have good things to come and great things to offer but it was only me sabotaging myself and I didn’t want to waste anymore precious time .
So a year later I decided it was the right time and thing for me .
I realised also even though I had done a lot of work mentally and let go of a lot of issues , my body still held a lot of the toxins from my negative emotions so it was also about teaching my body to let go , in doing so my joints especially my knees which have plagued me for years feel amazing now , that was also the help of Kambo , Sweat Lodge , Rapé , Sananga and San Pedro which are all part of the healing process .
I promised myself to do everything and trust the process , the only hurdle was to trust in myself which I eventually found by listening to Pacco who I have tremendous respect for .
I truly loved every ceremony he did , it made it even more special of how much passion he had in his work and also the love and passion he had for us to help us heal
. He always put a smile on our faces to .

We had a gift from Chrissy which was Attunement for Reiki so we can learn to heal ourselves , it was exactly what I needed , everything I believed in about how we make ourselves ill and how we can heal ourselves is in Reiki in my view and is also a valuable tool.
Chrissy did Reiki on me and everything she picked up on with me was spot on , I was amazed.
I also have tremendous respect for her .

We had a lot of fun there to , really so much fun , it can be as light hearted as you want it , , the people I met I connected with and I feel I have made lifelong friends , everyone that was there is in my heart.

I was worried after the retreat that I would go back to my normal self , but I didn’t , I step into my own power now , I indulge in the present and set goals and intentions for the future , the past is now only an observation .

I feel blessed and truly grateful for the love and support I received .

They are wonderful family and i will feel part of it to. x

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