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Arkana Spiritual Center – 2 sites in Peru: Amazon & Sacred Valley

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Iquitos and Urubamba in Peru

Reviewed on April 12, 2019. #1 of 420 Reviews

I knew what I wanted and I knew where I wanted to go. I knew I wanted (and felt like I needed and was called to do) Ayahuasca and I knew I was being called to the jungle of Peru to do this. What I didn’t know, was WHERE to go. I looked at a few different places, but I kept being called back to Pulse Tours or Arkana as it became to be known. I wanted safe, but also wanted rustic. I was not looking for a vacation or a retreat or a spa. I’ve done Ayahuasca previously, so I was not going for an “experience” but instead was looking for the healing power the plant could lend to me. I knew my intentions and what I wanted to explore, I just needed the place that could help facilitate this desire.

Arkana did this and actually exceeded my expectations! I did a 2 week intensive and what I ended up experiencing was love, friendship, self introspection, massive amounts of present moment awareness and a solid foundation in which to move forward in life and to recall in times of doubt or stress.

I initially made the choice of Arkana based on my own feelings, the reviews available and from my other research . . . It was all well founded.

This was a bit of a spiritual journey for me and I really was able to take in the entire experience on my trip to Peru and to Iquitos to meet up with the group. Arriving and getting ready was easy and was well organized. Alise and Angel were absolutely what my journey needed. Soft and calm, but also very strong and safe vibe they exuded.

The Center itself, while still perfectly rustic, was also so much more well put together than what I expected. In embarking on a journey of this magnitude and where you are going to be willingly subjecting yourself to a very strong substance, safety and comfort is a huge contributor to ensuring that the effectiveness is optimal. The last thing I wanted was to be worried about all this given everything else that I was hoping to go into. Arkana and the staff were absolutely vital and amazing. I can not, nor would I want to imagine any different scenario or group of facilitators and shamans than what I experienced.

Back on the center, I found it safe and comforting. The location was ideal on the edge of the jungle but right on a little tributary to the Amazon. Falcon was an amazing guide on all the excursions and was a ton of fun. The meals were well prepared and were actually a lot more tasty than what I was expecting. I truly enjoyed the 2 week cleanse.

The ceremony nights themselves were magical, even if every one of them was not necessarily filled with rainbows and lollipops. My first week I was with a huge group and my second week I was with a small group and both weeks were perfect. We had 3 shamans and 4 facilitators each ceremony, which during one night equated to a 1:1 ratio. I thought the shamans were perfect for my experience and Rob and Weronka made the ceremonies so amazing, easing us out of the evening and into the morning with their music and song. Bronte and Christian rounded out our facilitators and each one was just so absolutely special in the energy they contribute to the circle.

All in all, if you are wanting an Ayahuasca, in a safe setting, that honors the plant in the way that was intended with people who contribute so positively to the space everyone is in, Arkana is by far a wonderful selection and I fully endorse coming here.

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