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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on April 8, 2019. #1 of 107 Reviews

I am writing my belated review.
Perhaps it`s even better that I write a review in a month, as not to be subjected by the original emotions and sort everything out.
1)Facilitators. The organizers have created ideal conditions. They are very friendly and very dispose to feel comfortable and to fully open to the process. Facilitators are very well prepared and they dispose to fully let go and tune in to the journey. These are people with whom we spent a lot of time and unforgettable trips too. Also during the Ayahuasca trips i was very fond of their humor. Especially about “sorry, bar is closed”.
Especially, I want to mention the main Facilitator – Matt. This is the first time in my life when I meet such a non-egoistic spiritual person. E2-E4-ॐ.
Additionally, I want to add for those who speak English badly: my English is pretty basic, but i didn’t have any problems with the retrit. Although, it was bad that there were some difficulties to fully express myself with other participants in the retreat, I am sure we would have a lot to talk about if I could. Also in the group was another russian girl who had not experienced any difficulties.

2)Shamans. It`s nice that all the ceremonies conduct a female shaman and a male shaman. It is also very cool that they are relatives – husband and wife, and sister and brother. It seems to me that not only because of Ayahuasca, but also because of them there is healing. Ayahuasca is medicine and Shamans are doctors.

3)As said one of the participants of the Retreat, which was not the first timer – she goes mainly to be with other amazing people. I didn`t quite understand what she meant at first. After the retreat, I realized everything what she meant. I don`t know if it`s a coincidence, but in my group all the members of the retreat are amazing, interesting people with amazing personalities. I was very pleased to spend time with them. I believe that participants also very much affect what will be your trip. My trips were very influenced by those with whom I was near during them. Since there is an opportunity, I want to thank Eve ♡ (I hope she will read it), whose bed I constantly occupied during the trips)). Largely because of her presence, I realized my future direction in life, my Mission on Earth (sending her rays of love).

Before coming here I read a lot of reviews (especially on reddit). I can say with confidence that if you want to get a deep positive most authentic Ayahuasca experience then Niema Kaya is the best place for you!


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