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Temple of the Way of Light

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on March 5, 2017. #1 of 86 Reviews

+ safe place, great introduction to the medicine, workshops on Shamanism, healthy diets, plants, yoga classes (Ian has been the best yoga teacher in my life so far:) etc.

+ I joined a 12 day retreat including 7 Aya ceremonies in December 2016; beautiful and intense experience, I am very grateful

+ food is better at the temple compared to most other retreat centers (considering that you are on Aya dieta) particularly if you eat fish; fish from the Amazon river is yummy… vegetarian alternative offered

+ during ceremonies a lot of 1on1 attention of Shamans so you get your share of healing

+ Wonderful facilitators/team Todd, Al, Scott and five great Shipibo Shamans

+ group size around 22

+ the bungalows (your accommodation) are located in the middle of the jungle, the bungalows are simple and provided with Moskitos nets

+ the Temple of the Way of Light is not inexpensive but offers a lot of great features e.g. the 3 months phone integration offer for free subsequently to the retreats. Besides the Temple is investing a lot in sustainability and neighboring locals

+ Highly recommended particularly for first-timers who are looking for a nice resort in the jungle and professional personal care

The Ayaruna Center

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Pisac, Peru

Reviewed on March 4, 2017. #1 of 2 Reviews

+ Javier is an awesome and well trained Shaman who speaks five languages fluently

+ my favorite retreat center in the Andes Mountains

+ Profound/intense Aya and San Pedro ceremonies

+ Pisac / the sacred valley is a special place

+ very small groups with lot of personal attention

+ super reasonably and fair priced ‘mini retreats’, thank you Javier!

+ flexible bookings: option 1) stay where you want and eat where you want to eat or option 2) all inclusive at beautiful Paz y Luz’

+ safe place

+ strongly recommended for first-timers and experienced people. Amazing retreat center


Listed in Ayahuasca

Iquitos, Loreto, Peru

Reviewed on March 4, 2017. #1 of 69 Reviews

+ My favorite Aya retreat center in the Jungle; no matter if you are a first-timer or experienced

+ Best value for money

+ Estella and Raul are amazing Shamans; but the speak only Spanish/Shipibo; Stacy helps with translating

+ Awesome Dreamglade team: Stace, Jann, Drew etc. made me feel very comfortable

+ Beautiful center with only a few Moskitos out there in the Jungle; plenty of great spots for chilling out there

+ Save place, intensive/profound Aya ceremonies

+ Love to come back again 🙂

+ Note: Better book well in advance since Dreamglade seems to be booked up swiftly

+ Like the small group sizes a lot; much preferred over large groups at other retreat centers

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