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Estacion Kapitari

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Manacamiri, Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on January 19, 2017. #1 of 47 Reviews

I’ll start with the good. Kapitari is absolutely gorgeous – the grounds are beautiful, with several ponds and pretty secluded tambos. It was great to be able to have so much time to sit and think about things, while being so deep in nature.
The food was very good too. I’ve been to other retreat centers, and the food at Kapitari is much much better than the others that I’ve been to. Don Lucho has a permaculture project going where he grows all sorts of fruits and vegetables, so there was a nice variety of food.

Now to the bad – the medicine there is very weak – like almost zero chacruna. I understand that they emphasize healing over visuals, and I get that – I wasn’t going just to trip out, but I did want to feel something. Most nights, I was just sitting on the mat, feeling absolutely nothing. Most of the people in our group felt the same way and were very disappointed to have saved all of the money and traveled so far to not really experience Ayahuasca. I had requested more when I went up to drink, but Don Lucho would not let us have more than a “grande” shot. I would take the second shot when it was offered which is really hard to do because of how sick the first drink made me, but even with the first “grande” and second shot – nothing. I’m fairly experienced with Aya (20 times) so I don’t think that I was expecting anything unrealistic – their brew there is just really weak.

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